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Ultra-Hydrating IV Therapy

Revitalize your body at a faster rate than a cup of water would do. Designed to help your body recuperate from activities that drain your body from hydration.

Stress Relief IV Therapy

A coctail mix designed to reduce the impact of stressors such as anxiety, stress, and or tension.

Immunity IV Therapy (vitamin C)

Build up your immune system and protect yourself from future infections and illnesses with a mix of vitamin C and other natural ingredients.

(Most popular during flu season and allergy season)

Hair, Skin, Nails IV Therapy

Give yourself a beauty boost with a cocktail mix of biotin and other natural ingredients. Reap the benefits of what an oral beauty vitamin would do over the course of a few days, in a just a few minutes. Dull skin, brittle nails and weak hair will be a thing of the past of you.

Energy IV Therapy

Feeling fatigued, drained, or drowsy? This B 12 cocktail mix will give you just the push you need to get your day up and running. Say goodbye to feeling exhausted and hello to feeling physically and mentally charged. This blend is perfect for those who are tired of relaying on coffee or energy drinks to help get then through the day.

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