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Sclerotherapy is a procedure whereby an FDA approved solution is injected into the visible veins of the legs. These veins are usually small dilated blood vessels which are red/purple in color. There are larger veins as well, which are green/blue in color.

Good candidate is someone who:

  • Has a family history of visible veins in the legs
  • Has a job whereby they stand for prolonged periods of time (hair dressers, waitresses, cashiers)
  • Has been pregnant (more severe with multiple pregnancies)
  • Is overweight

How it works:
The solution is called Asclera, and is injected with a very fine needle into the veins of the legs. This solution irritates the wall of the blood vessels, thus causing them to seal up and become invisible. Sclerotherapy has been safely used for more than 80 years to treat the veins on the legs. This treatment is effective in erasing those unsightly veins on your legs!

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