A Taxing 2019

Today is the day that taxes are due here in the United States. For some, it is a happy time when withheld funds are returned and can be used for frivolous things such as Plastic Surgery. For others, it is a frightening day, making sure there is enough in the account to pay what is owed. For accountants, it is when a lot of the money is made and extra hours worked.

When you think of the purpose of taxes, it should be money you pay for the services that the government provides of which you are the beneficiary. Plowing roads, paving streets, infrastructure, and keeping the government running is but a few examples. I believe all should contribute, but might question the efficiency and cost of delivery of these services.

What does this have to do with Plastic Surgery? I think that the fee you pay has a lot of similarities to taxes. You think of what is charged for a breast implant surgery. For me, it takes less than an hour, and if I could keep the whole fee, my hourly wage would be amazing. Unfortunately, I have to pay anesthesia, the implant, surgical supplies, like PPE, insurance, employees, electricity, water, certification, and licensing fees, keep all emergency equipment and medications up to date, bras, recovery room staff, oxygen, medications, facility fee, rent, the cost of my training and Board Certification, provide 24-hour on-call coverage for emergencies, housekeeping, post-op care, and visits, just to name a few.

Although my fees at Yager Esthetics are more than reasonable, you can certainly find a cheaper place, fly overseas, or to another state. I suggest you really make sure you are getting all of the services that you are the beneficiary of. Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, accredited facility, with the experience and results you like. The penalty for not paying this tax may be your life.