Getting Ready For Surgery

Picking the right board certified plastic surgeon is very important, but there are other things that you can do to enhance your chances of maximizing your results.  We will talk about things to do and things to avoid before, during, and after your procedure.


Smoking as well as nicotine containing products.  While all doctors would like you to stop smoking for your health, it is especially important around surgery.  Nicotine decreases blood flow in your skin, and can lead to poor scarring and even loss of skin after surgery.  Even the gums and patches are potentially dangerous.  Stop at least 3 weeks before and after your surgery.

Aspirin containing products (motrin, aleve, naprosyn, etc) as well as excessive garlic and vitamin E.  These can make you bleed and bruise more after surgery.  Stop at least 8 days before.

People who upset you.  Not only is it bad to be in a negative environment, but getting upset can raise your blood pressure causing bleeding, not to mention lowering your immune system and making you more prone to infections.


Take extra vitamin C to boost healing.  Do not overdo it, as it can cause diarrhea at high doses.

Arnica Montana and bromelain are natural herbs that can reduce swelling and bleeding if taken before and after procedures, and are available over the counter as well as in our office.

Read all the instructions your doctor gives you, as well as the consent forms.  They are to help you understand the surgery and to heal well.

Come to your visits after surgery.  I see my patients quite often, and do not charge for these visits.  Even if the patient is happy, there are sometimes things we can do to optimize healing before you even notice it yourself.

Good luck with your surgery!