Income Tax and Plastic Surgery

Today, your taxes are due.  Mine as well.  Nobody seems to enjoy this day unless a refund is due them.  That has unfortunately never happened to me.

Income tax refunds are used by many of my patients for plastic surgery.  A check comes in that you are not expecting, and you start to think of what fun things you can do with it.  After a few years, you plan on it being there.  I have always found this fascinating.

As income tax loan advancements became more popular, the surge in plastic surgery came a bit earlier.  Now in late January to February, the dates are being filled up.  Couple that with the Spring Break holidays, and April is insane.

This is my 19th tax season at Yager Esthetics, and it always keeps me busy.  Earning the money I need to pay my taxes works out well.  In reality, the government is receiving a loan from the people who overpay all year long and then giving it back.  After this, the people give it to me, and I send it back to the government.  The circle of life!

I love it when tax season brings happiness to others.  It is otherwise sad for me.