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Injectable Treatments

Duration: 5 to 15 mins

Recovery Time: Usually within 6 hours

Anesthesia: Topical

Helpful Hints:

  • Do not take aspirin, Motrin or Advil 8 days before surgery
  • Bring makeup to cover

Commonly Combined With:

  • Facial and Neck Lift
  • Eyelid Surgery
  • Eyebrow Surgery and Skin Treatments


There are three types of wrinkles: the dynamic lines, the constant lines and fine lines that change the texture of the skin. A dynamic line is a wrinkle that is formed by the contraction of facial muscles, such as the horizontal lines that appear in the face after a certain age, the “crow’s feet” and worry lines between the eyebrows. The constant lines are those that are present without moving the face, like the lines that go from the nose to the corner of the lip (nasolabial) or from the lip to the chin (puppet lines). As time goes on, dynamic lines can become static. This means that they will not disappear when the face is relaxed. The fine lines that can be seen especially on the lower eyelids and around the mouth tend to occur by solar damage, cigarette use, and also due to age. These lines often need topical IPL, laser, and peeling treatments.

If you are concerned about deep creases and sagging, but wish to avoid facial surgery, ask about a Liquid Facelift as an alternative. We can restore volume to the face and gently lift up sagging cheeks by sculpting a natural and long lasting result. While the results last even a couple of years, a touch up may be done at any time to maintain a youthful, natural look. We use a combination of several fillers that will suit your individual needs and provide immediate results. Liquid Facelifts have a few unique advantages for patients: there is no down-time, the procedure is more affordable than surgery, and when combined with skin care, the overall changes are amazing. This has becoming a popular alternative to surgery.

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